Outreach Program

One Day Program CDI funded by NSF will hold another successful outreach program at the University of Texas at Austin JJ Pickle Research Center on the July 9, 2013.  This workshop will be on The Role of Computation in Protecting the Environment; which will inform and challenge high school educators so they can in turn impact the students under their charge Read More(Outreach Flyer).  A list of participating University of Texas faculty and researcher may be found here.

Center's Highlights

Dr. Mary Wheeler  interviewed by Cockrell School of Engineering to discuss the role of computation in engineering.       Read More

Dr. Mary Wheeler  has been elected a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences for her outstanding contribution to her profession, nation and the world.        Read More



CDI at The University of Texas funded by NSF.

Area 1

From data to knowledge: enhancing cognition and generating new
knowledge from wealth of heterogeneous digital data.

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Area 2
Understanding Complexity in Natural, Built and Social Systems: driving
fundamental insights.
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Area 3
Building Virtual Organizations: Enhancing discovery and innovation.  
by bringing people and resources together
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Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation


Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovations (CDI) is NSF's bold five-year initiative to create revolutionary science and engineering research outcomes made possible by innovations and advances in computational thinking.  Computational thinking is defined comprehensively to encompass computational concepts, methods, models, algorithms, and tools.  Applied in challenging science and engineering research and educational contexts, computational thinking promises a profound impact on the Nation's ability to generate and apply new knowledge.  Collectively, CDI research outcomes are expected to produce paradigm shifts on out understanding of a wide range of science and engineering phenomena and socio-technical innovations that create new wealth and enhance the national quality of life. 


CDI's Three Thematic Areas

  • From Data to Knowledge: Enhancing human cognition and generating new knowledge from a wealth of heterogeneous digital data
  • Understanding Complexity in Natural, Built, and Social Systems: Driving fundamental insights on systems comprising multiple interacting elements; and
  • Building Virtual Organizations: enhancing discovery and innovation by bringing people and resources together across institutional, geographical and cultural boundaries.
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